800,000 Reasons to Trust RSI

That is the number of components which RSI produced and delivered last year. We test each one multiple times from concept to shipment so you receive a quality product on which you can depend.

Digital Signal Processing/Equalization

Our smart amplifier technology harnesses the power of digital signal processing (DSP) by shaping the audio signal sent to each individual speaker in real time. These smart amps take into account several aspects of the audio system such as vehicle speed, volume level and speaker positioning to continuously tailor the audio signal so that your music comes through loud and clear.

Electrical Design

With over 100 years of combined experience, our electrical engineering staff has the expertise needed to optimize each link in the audio chain for superior sound quality and reliable performance. We have extensive experience with all facets of printed circuit board (PCB) production, including schematic capture and simulation, final PCB design, thermal analysis of circuits and final product testing. By using automotive grade power supply designs with reverse polarity protection, ESD/transient protection and over/under voltage safeguards we can ensure many miles of reliable audio enjoyment for your customers.

Industrial Design/Prototyping

Great sounding audio and communication systems should also look good and function intuitively. Radio Sound's design team will work closely with your styling group or use our own industrial design capability to create products that seamlessly integrate with the styling of your vehicle. Using our 3D CAD modeling capabilities and 3D printing facilities, we can offer prototyping services to create complex components that can serve as functional prototypes.

RF Design

Noisy electrical systems are but one of many design challenges in the powersports industry. Through significant expertise in radio frequency (RF) design and electromagnetic interference mitigation we strive to ensure that those noisy environments do not affect the overall audio quality. Mobile communications have been an integral part of our product line since the beginning, and current short-range wireless communications such as Bluetooth and WiFi are being utilized in new ways every day. Our proficiency with RF design ensures that your customers are able to receive a clean, clear signal.

Software Integration

We have over thirty years of experience developing reliable software to meet the needs of our customers. Whether developing software for embedded devices, application processors (32-bit and 64-bit) or mobile applications, our software stacks are designed to run on multiple platforms: Linux, Windows, ThreadX or our own proprietary multi-threaded system - BOSS. Our application specific firmware is designed in a manner that allows us to rapidly add new features that meet the final design goals of our customers.

Validation Testing

We understand how to design products that can withstand harsh environments, and can coordinate full validation testing to electrical, environmental and mechanical standards such as ISO, IEC, SAE, FCC and EU certifications. Our in-house facilities perform tests covering a wide range of environmental conditions such as: power quality and transient tests, operating voltage, temperature extremes, humidity, submersion, mechanical shock and switch/button endurance. Let us develop a specific test plan that meets your individual product requirements.


Our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility is centrally located in the Midwest with quick access for truck shipping and to the main UPS Worldport air hub. Product assembly of display modules, audio components, wiring harnesses, printed circuit boards, speaker enclosures, hand controllers and headsets are completed in-house or sourced through our manufacturing partners to ensure that we maintain first-rate quality control throughout the entire build process.