Integrated Systems

We manage the signal path from the antenna to the speakers and everything in between. Our integrated approach to system design ensures you get the best possible sound for your particular application.


During the design phase, each portion of the audio system requires individual attention, and speaker enclosures are no exception. Whether sealed or ported, an enclosure must be designed to work with the speaker driver itself and not against it. An oversized enclosure can be just as detrimental to sound quality as an undersized one. We use computer optimized sound modeling techniques to develop the perfect size and type of enclosure to meet a demanding powersports environment.


Motorcycle speakers have several unique requirements over automotive speakers. These include high efficiency, lightweight materials and durability. Your customers expect better components than an off-the-shelf speaker selected from a catalog, so we custom design each speaker and optimize it to the available enclosure so you get the best sound possible.

PCB Assemblies

We manufacture complete PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies with automated testing of the finished boards. Application of environmental protection materials to the finished circuit board assembly ensures that the end product will stand up to the harshest environments. If design requirements demand additional protection, entire product module assemblies can be potted to meet a submersible IP67 level of protection.

N-touch Radio

No matter what type of vehicle, or how harsh the environment, our line of N-touch communication and entertainment products will provide you with a cost-effective custom OE or genuine accessory solution. We specialize in sound systems for the powersports industry, and we understand your requirements for reliability in a harsh operating environment. By partnering with Radio Sound, you get a product that works the way you want it to rather than adapting your expectations to fit someone else's existing product.

User Interface

We can provide a dedicated radio display custom engineered to your specific needs. All software development is completed in-house, and we will collaborate with you to provide a unique user interface that best works with your display. We can also coordinate directly with your gauge supplier to utilize an existing central vehicle display.


Our custom design services and RF engineering expertise will develop the perfect antenna solution to meet your specific performance requirements. Through the use of active, passive, reduced-size and even hidden antenna options, we can meet your aesthetic design parameters as well.

Hand Controls

The last thing your customer needs is another distraction while trying to make adjustments to their infotainment system. At Radio Sound we design and build hand controls that are intuitive and provide the appropriate amount of tactile feedback so users can concentrate on the road ahead. We can incorporate displays into the hand controls or integrate switches into rear enclosures specifically designed for passengers. Our systems can also be designed to work with existing controls from another supplier or receive CAN messages directly.

Wiring Harnesses

In addition to supplying components, we can also provide the harnessing needed to connect these items. Our harnesses are designed and built with the same environmental durability as everything else that we supply. Harness assembly includes programmable wire stripping, machine crimping of terminals, weather sealed connections and automated finished cable testing.